How it all started …

Roshan and I decided to start an online blog on raised consciousness. The inspiration occurred during a meditation session, where I felt that one of the main purposes of my soul, is to raise my own consciousness and in doing so, impact others too. What does raising consciousness mean? The way I see it is that this is an individualized process. If I am living from the highest version of myself, who would I be?

Who would I be in terms of my health? Who would I be in my relationships? Who would I be in terms of work? Who would I be to myself? Perhaps the bigger question is “who am I?” The question that has been asked over and over again during the ages.

One of the things that I have been working on during my meditation sessions, is releasing all ideas of who “I” am, to access the emptiness of the space within. I’ve found that once I get out of my own way, the ideas seem to flow and messages from within appear with startling clarity, allowing me to experience the freedom of my spirit.

However, when “I” return back from my inner world of meditation, all the labels I have acquired during the last 41yrs of my existence, settle back on me again, influencing the day and how I experience it. These labels can be wide and ranging from mother, to sister, to daughter, to wife, to friend and so forth.

It is a challenge to take the freedom of spirit I experience in meditation to my daily life once the dust of all the labels re-settle on me . However the impressions and inner callings that I receive during the meditations keep gently but persistently nudging me to remember the call to one of our purposes in life. So, we are going out on a limb and seeing where this experience takes us. Stay posted, whilst we share our journey inward.