Choose the love within instead of fear

Fear grips us, at times silently when we are unaware and other times more overtly. We think that it is the coronavirus that has caused this fear inside of us but the truth is, fear was always present. Fear can silently mask as anger, depression, anxiety, ambivalence, addiction to things, people or activities and many more ways. It is associated with our identities which are not rooted in truth.

For instance, I might be afraid that the coronavirus could infect me and that I could get quite sick or that I might pass it onto my loved ones and cause their own sickness or even death. However, the true fear here is the fear of lack of safety in ourselves, the loss of control which was always present whether we realized it or not. The fear of death or illness, because of our attachment to our bodies or others. The fear of loneliness and emptiness if we lose those closest and dearest to others.

Often we have an inability to sit present with the silent emptiness within us, as at times it may seem even painful to sit with the sheer emptiness and apparent lack of meaning in life when one accesses this space. The fear of the emptiness, may lead us to constantly seek the company of others, fill our minds with external activities or never pause for a moment. However, it is in the great vastness of the emptiness, that we come to recognize the heavy weight that our identities have held over us and filled our minds with ceaseless chatter.

It is in the emptiness, that we come to feel the true presence of love within us. The love that lights us up, regardless of whether anyone is present or not in our lives. The love that holds us safe regardless of whether we receive approval or not. The love that reminds us that even if we lose this outer shell of the body that we are in, the soul is eternal and we can rest in the peaceful comfort of this security which is ever present. It is here that we can rest in the knowledge that in the space of true love within, there is only radiant health. The longer we rest in this space without the identity of ourselves in the past or in the future, the more we become in tune with this true self within, which knows only the peace of health and then the body automatically follows this self into radiant health.

This is an opportunity to take a step back from the external world, to slow down, breathe and take the time to listen to our soul’s calling to return to the great peace that permanently resides within.