Choosing the true self

During this time of self-isolation, where most external stressors may not be present to the extent that they usually are, one has to deal with the most pressing stressor: one’s own identity and the demands that this identity makes! For instance, there may be the identity that wants to go the shops, or the identity that might miss the company of others or the identity that gets frustrated at things that may not be going to plan. These are all different versions of our “identity” or “ego”.

During this time of isolation, we may however realise, that there is one constant companion who’s presence we have been neglecting consistently being present to – one’s own true self.

There is the “true self” that is wholly complete, ever restful, ever present and ever peaceful.

If we suspended the “identity self” for even a moment, by being in the present, we would almost immediately find ourselves being anchored into our inner peace.

The period of isolation is actually a time of recognizing that when we are in the present moment, we have never actually been isolated, as we have always been with our “true self” which is so deeply connected to everything and everyone. When we are connected to this “true self”, there is no actual “isolation” but a contented restfulness that is ours for the choosing, to connect to anytime.