Are we addicted to conflict?

If we have grown up in homes or been constantly exposed to environments of conflict, then unconsciously, whether we want it or not, conflict becomes an underlying program that runs in our unconscious mind. These conflicts may not seem like a big deal, be they be large or small, but ultimately, they contribute to the unnecessary clutter in our mind. Why is that important to know? Where there is clutter, it’s hard to access the clear space of peace and joy that have always been present, but have been dimmed by the constant chaos and noise of inner and outer conflicts.

This might be as simple as us recognizing that when we get annoyed at something, we are feeding our addiction to conflict. We might be feeding our addiction to conflict when we get frustrated that things don’t go our way or at times when we create confusion within ourselves as to which path is the  “right” path to take. All these and many more instances are times that allow the identity of the  “I” to take charge of the situation. For instance,  “I” am angry, “I” am frustrated, “I” am confused, “I” feel sad, “I” feel lonely and on and on it goes, in many different forms but always with the same intention, to “exist”.

When we decide that none of these thoughts of “I” truly creates peace and that constantly choosing this “I” has no end to the ceaseless wanting that it creates, we finally create a pause in the present moment, allowing us to enter into the deep relaxation of the “now” and therein lies that which we are seeking.