Deliriously Happy!!!πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

I found myself trying to decide whether I should go to the hills today or stay at home and do my own thing. My mind couldn’t quite decide so I dropped back into my heart, my own true source of wisdom. I imagined staying at home and walked a few steps forward in my study and I didn’t feel anything. Then I imagined going to the hills and I found a smile light up on my face and I almost did a little skip and dance! So, the answer was actually quite easy!!

I dropped my daughter off at school and then headed onto one of the trails near her school. At first, I was in my head about something that was bothering me but then as I inhaled the fresh air, felt the warmth of our sun and I felt supported by mother earth, I found myself turning my mind down and listening to earth’s wisdom as she whispered through the leaves, waved merrily to me through the bright lavender flowers and I saw the rolling meadows ahead of me. I saw pockets of flowers nestled in corners of the forrest and suddenly I was fully back in my heart again. I felt my heart open up with joy, remembering what made me deliriously happy was something as simple as seeing beautiful flowers, the sound of a brook running deliciously down a hidden trail and feeling the silent wisdom of nature as she enfolded me in her warmth. I found myself smiling from ear to ear and my step have a spring that it hadn’t known in a while. I remembered and truly felt the power to my own happiness was on my own page and it was so delightful to realise what truly made me deliriously happy was as simple as walking out in the company of our divinely beautiful earth and sun. Just like that, all was well in my world again and my cup was overflowing with joy and gratitude!! ✨✨✨