We have always been deeply loved…

Today I share another insight that I received during meditation that was specially potent for me. Every month, when a woman goes through her usual cycle, she is gifted with the opportunity to release that which serves her no more. It was a long time before I finally recognized the inner personal significance that my … Continue reading We have always been deeply loved…


What is our identity? Each one of us has formed a different identity which comprises of several identities over the years. The identity and experiences that we have had over the years stay buried within us long after we think we have forgotten them. We associate ourselves with this identity often forgetting that we are … Continue reading Identity

Choose the love within instead of fear

Fear grips us, at times silently when we are unaware and other times more overtly. We think that it is the coronavirus that has caused this fear inside of us but the truth is, fear was always present. Fear can silently mask as anger, depression, anxiety, ambivalence, addiction to things, people or activities and many … Continue reading Choose the love within instead of fear

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