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Faerie Tales of the Heart: Everyday Romance for Female Health Practitioners

What I Would Have Loved to Have Told My Younger Self:

Joyful Play with My Daughter:

I believe that a woman’s connection to her heart is reflected in the energy and soul of the words that she puts forth. Laura Brand’s sharing of her joyful heart ideas in this book is beautiful. As a fellow sister in this world, my soul acknowledges in applause, for the wondrous beauty and magic she creates in everyday play for our children of this world. 🙏🏽

Noticing the Dance of Light:

This video is about me reflecting on another everyday piece of magic – the dance of light and how interesting it is, reminding me yet of another one of life’s daily wonders that we often take for granted! ✨🌟🔦💭🌆🌌

More than 10 things that I love!:

This is a video sharing with you about the things that I love doing so that you can get to know me a little more!! It also helps me to focus on what I love, because it lights me up from inside even more!! I would love to hear from you about what lights you up in the comments below!! ✨💖🌟🥰🎥👇

Moving from Lists to Wonder:

This video is about moving from being stuck with all the list of things to do to dropping into the present and experiencing the wonders of this moment. 🌈🌼

Attitude of Gratitude:

This video is a share of how I followed my heart, which lit me up and in turn allowed me to enter into a space of genuine heartfelt gratitude. This then led me to experiencing more things that lit me up, which led to more gratitude for the magic, joy and romance of everyday living!

Voice of the Heart vs Voice of Inner Critic:

This video is a share on how I become conscious of the voice of my inner critic and how I consciously choose the voice of my heart💗, to connect to the magic and romance💒 of everyday life.

Embracing the Beauty and Beast in Ourselves:

The Lungs:

This is a brief description of the general anatomy of the lungs and airways, for kids and adults!! Enjoy!!

This podcast was about perfectionism and the payoff that can result. Hope it inspires a deeper shift within yourself if you have an element of perfectionism within yourself.

An anatomy story of the spine for kids (and adults): The spine, snakes and fun

Connecting back to ourselves: